Picto gamme centrage INDEXING PARTS

Emile Maurin Composants offers a wide range of indexing parts which can be used for all types of applications.
Spring plungers, indexing plungers, guide pins, locking pins and indexing accessories can all provide reliable, high-quality solutions for your assemblies whether you are looking to position an element, temporarily fix an object or secure an opening part in either an industrial setting or while fitting-out a vehicle.

Our range of indexing parts is regularly updated to make sure that it contains the most recent innovations in this product area.
For example, this range contains products such as smooth spring loaded shells with a friction bearing (32-207), hygienic design 316L stainless steel indexing plungers (32-170) for use in all types of sensitive environments and also indexing plungers with an electric sensor (32-168).

The 3D CAD models of all of our components are available free of charge. These can be downloaded in 3 ways:
- directly from the webpage of the model in question via the CAD icon,
- from our website dedicated to 3D models: Maurin Partcommunity,
- or by requesting our free 3D computer programme.

Do you have any specific requirements?
If so, we regularly produce customised indexing parts (e.g. indexing plungers, spring plungers, locking pins and guide pins ) which meet our customers' specific design requirements. So please get in contact with us and send us your design specifications!
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