How to open an account with Emile Maurin?
Download the document for opening an account .
Please fill it in and return it to us preferably by email (esm@emile-maurin.fr),
This document is also accessible via the "Support" tab then "Opening an account".

How can I send you a request for information?
Using our request for information form .
This is also available by clicking on the small envelope at the top left corner of our website.

What is the minimum order?
We have no minimum order, quantity, or invoicing.

How can I send you a price request?
1. Go to the product page of the model concerned

2. Using the dimension chart, define the model that interests you

3. Specify in the first column of the table the desired quantity and click on the cart in table

4 Renew the operation if necessary (same or other models)

5. Once done, click on the cart at the top right of the site and consult your cart
You can change the quantities and specify a desired delivery time

6. Click on "Confirm the Price request"

7. Fill in your information so that our sales representatives can contact you again and click on "Send"

What is the average delivery time?
The average delivery time for your orders is 24 hrs!

How can I download or request your catalogues / 3D DVDs?
Click here to access our download page
Check the boxes for which you wish to receive the documentation, then click on "Order"
You can also access this page by clicking on the "Services" tab at the top of the site, then on " Request documentation".
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