Picto gamme manoeuvre OPERATING PARTS

Our operating parts range contains a complete set of products which can be used to move objects or machine parts, for example, and even release objects so that they are can move. This product range includes a broad selection of handles, cranks, handwheels, hand and clamping levers, knobs o de knurled screws and nuts

Whatever surroundings you work in, this range includes handles which are adapted to your requirements and your business sector (e.g. machine construction, food and beverage industry, medical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, machining and vehicle manufacturing industries etc.) and comply with the corresponding standards.

This range includes standard products such as stainless steel handles , DIN 39 fixed handles (11-02), cast-iron DIN 950 spoked handwheels (13-02), zamak adjustable clamping levers with an integrated thrust washer (14-83), star knobs with a stainless steel threaded rod (15-30) and also flat knurled nuts with a steel or stainless steel insert (16-11).
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